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A truly unique world of nursing in the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG)

Paul Jarrett, Sanne Pederson, Amanda Corley and India Lye

"The best thing about being a nurse with the CCRG is the multidisciplinary approach the CCRG incorporates. We have studies that are being worked on by engineers, biologists, nurses and medical staff together. We are able to provide advice and practical assistance to our colleagues to make our research projects better." - India Lye - Clinical Research Nurse

We all know nurses play a hugely important role in patient care. What you may not know is, for a handful of nurses, this dedication to patients includes a crucial role in clinical research - aiming to improve patient’s care and quality of life while at their most sick and vulnerable in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Common Good would like to introduce you to the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) Nursing Team. In this clinically focused, multidisciplinary research group nurses play an active and starring role, a truly unique position in the world of research nurses. They drive and develop patient-focused research studies; working with engineers, biologists and pre-clinical research as well as liaising and working with real patients and patient families in the ICU to collect vital data and produce their research findings.

When asked what the best thing about being a CCRG nurse is Amanda Corley - Nurse Researcher says - "Being able to change and influence care provided to patients on a large scale rather than only an individual basis."

The group was founded on and the nurses are driven by their real-life experience; working on the floor of the ICU and caring for critically ill patients. Their studies are designed and developed by identifying potential improvements, or failures, and looking at the ways they can advance patient care; ensuring that what we are doing to care for patients is proven and evidence-based, is not harmful and is and ultimately improving the patient experience and comfort.

“Being new to the world of heart and lung transplants, I am amazed by the continued interaction the researchers in the group have with former transplant patients. The patients are engaged in what we do and feel like part of the family. Again, a very unique, moving and inspirational way to work.” – Paul Jarrett – Nurse researcher

Find out more about the research being conducted in the ICU and Improving In Hospital Experience HERE

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