People powering medical discoveries

Most people, like Terry Carroll, are unaware of the life-saving research being done at The Prince Charles Hospital until they need it to save their life.

Terry Carroll developed cardiomyopathy in 2016, a form of heart failure, which affects 1 in 500 Australians each year.

After receiving his second chance with an urgent life-saving heat transplant at The Prince Charles Hospital in November 2016, Terry, his partner Shannon and long-time friend Trudie made the decision to give back to medical research.

“Many of Shannon’s and my friends had seen what I went through and wanted to support in some way.” said Terry.

Stemming from an idea to hold a raffle on a Sunday afternoon the idea grew and Mr Carroll launched a My Fundraiser page on this website, to take donations for his Second Chances event. His event garnered a raft of support and sponsors throughout his community, with help from promotion through social media and his network of friends.

“One of the local bands offered to play for free and a friend offered an accommodation package to raffle off and then it snowballed.” said Terry.

The event, held on June 11, featured an array of performances from local comedians, musicians and fabulous drag Queen Imogen Nation, with Second Chances raising more than $6,300 raised for continued medical research.

“It’s amazing what a handful of people wanting to make a difference can achieve,” Michael Hornby, CEO of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, said.

“When we see the appreciation of patients, such as Mr Carrol, who launch their own grassroots campaigns to give back to the research that saved his life it makes everything we do worthwhile.

It’s easy to host your very own My Fundraiser event and make a difference. Be it anything from a BBQ to a fun run, a morning tea or selling out a stadium, the money raised will help to give people like Terry Carroll at second chance at life.


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