Why Discoveries Matter

Neil Armstrong, Scott of the Antarctic, Marco Polo, Stephanie of Brisbane... Great explorers, pioneers, heroes to dreamers and children everywhere.

Ok, we slipped that last one in. Stephanie’s not a household name. Yet.

But she will be. And when she’s receiving her Nobel, it’s you she’ll be thanking. Because Stephanie may spend every day in her research lab, but her discoveries are powered by people just like you. People who believe that together we can find cures for chronic disease and make the world better, one discovery at a time.

Around the world, about 80% of annual deaths are due to a chronic disease. Heart disease makes up about 25% of the world’s deaths. Cancer, arthritis, lung diseases, dementia… we all face them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we found a cure for heart disease? Or dementia? Or lung disease?

Dr Stephanie Yerkovich is just one of the many people all over the planet working hard to do that. Hour after hour, day after day, they search. And like those old explorers, they face challenges and struggle to succeed.

The biggest challenge is time. Discoveries take time. And time takes money.

That’s why, at The Common Good, we ask you to support an hour of research. Because when enough people give an hour, it adds up to serious time for serious discoveries.


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