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Every day we come a little step closer to making medical history. And we can’t wait to share those successes – big and small – with the people like you who help make them happen. So keep informed with all the latest news, progress and results here in our blog.

Study looks to improve life-saving technology

Tens of thousands of lives have been saved by extracorporeal life support.

How growing skin cells may save lives

Growing skin cells may be one solution to helping battle cardiovascular disease.

Healing with words: how the speaking valve has changed patient care

Waiting in vain: reducing transplant list fatalities

Currently, the organ and tissue transplant waiting list sits at about 1,500 Australian patients.

Highlighting an invisible illness; imaging for osteoarthritis

Right now, you're on a computer or scrolling through your phone, mostly likely without any pain or difficulty.

Can researchers improve lung transplant statistics?

Every 36 hours, Dr Dan Chambers and his team receive a call about donated organs.

Biodiesel: saving our environment and lungs

Could biodiesel help diseased lungs?

Nurses in research: a life-saving study

What happens when a machine designed for saving lives ends in a mortality?

Cholesterol; the missing link in osteoarthritis.

We’ve all heard that high cholesterol is bad for your heart, but could it be bad for your joints too?

Could sepsis treatment be breaking hearts?

Severe infection affects between 20-30 million patients annually.

A new treatment for lung disease; could it be just around the corner?


Five minutes with… Dr Shaun Gregory.

Dr Shaun Gregory is one of our experienced researchers in the ICETLAB, part of the Critical Care Research Group at The Prince Charles Hospital. He also holds the position as Research Fellow with Griffith University for all of his work with the team. We got to catch up with the avid football fan to find out more about him!

This young researcher is revolutionising artificial heart implants.

Artificial hearts are saving lives.

What is Dementia?

Why Discoveries Matter

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