Mending Broken Hearts

Help mend a broken heart this Valentine’s Day.

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This year you don’t need a date for Valentine’s to share the love. We need more support to fight Australia’s number one killer: heart disease. More can be done right now to save lives into the future.

The barrier to success is simply the limitation of funding, funding which buys the time to undertake tests, trial equipment, collect and analyse data and recruit patients. Every $44 buys an hour of research that takes us closer and the more hours we can spend together the faster the guys will get results. It’s less than the price of a good meal. A cheap date that can change the world!

Will you take a leap of faith? Your support is the connection we have been looking for to sustain this work. You will be an essential part of the team, and while we will also be hoping to attract others as caring and compassionate as you please know that we will make you feel like you’re the only one!

Mending broken hearts

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“We need to make more hearts available for when hearts truly break.”
Professor John Fraser


The extreme cases of heart disease result in total heart failure – and the only long term cure is a heart transplant. But there are less hearts available than there are people who need them. It’s a matter of life and death.

Our team are creating new ways to mend broken hearts. The only thing that prevents them from achieving something remarkable is funding. But just $11 a month will help buy some of the precious time needed to, develop the technology and procedures to make more hearts available and even recondition them before transplant.

Professor John Fraser is donating his time to lead a specialised team of brilliant surgeons, engineers, clinicians and nurses from around the world, in order to develop a process that will make use of hearts that were normally considered unsuitable for transplant.

They are looking to restore hearts and ‘reboot’ them – a world first!

This is an affair of the heart in the most amazing way possible – but we need your help, by becoming our “life partner” to sustain this cutting edge project. Just $11 a month will make you part of the team….and every month you will be contributing to 15 minutes of research. This may not seem like a lot but in actual fact it is significant, and over a year you will have sponsored three hours of work.

We are mending hearts in other ways too. In the little lab next door to Professor Fraser’s, are a couple of people who are developing new drug targets to prevent heart attacks, and in the room next to that are around 15 young medical engineers, enhancing artificial devices that keep the heart pumping.

Join The Common Good, from just $11 a month and help make the world better, one discovery at a time.

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Not ready to commit to a relationship yet – perhaps a one-off contribution to one of our brilliant young medical explorers would be worth a try.