Finding the cause to find the cure

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Imagine spending every day struggling to breathe, with each ‘flare up’ increasing the damage. Identify what exacerbates COPD will allow us to better predict, prevent and treat ‘flare ups’ in future and take a weight off the chest of COPD patients.

How do air pollutants affect patients with COPD?

COPD patients spend every day struggling to breathe, but this is made worse with exacerbations from air pollutants. Annalicia Vaughan is looking at biodiesels and how these affect COPD patients.

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Identifying the cause to improve treatment of COPD 'flare ups'

Certain pathogens can cause 'flare ups' in COPD patients. By identifying which pathogens are causing the problem we can better treat patients and improve their quality of life.

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Predicting flare ups in chronic lung diseases

If flare ups of CADs can be predicted, patients would be able to get the treatment they need before they have to suffer through the effects of an exacerbation.

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