Improving in-hospital experience


Playing the part of the heart and lungs

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Bypass technologies that clean and oxygenate the blood save lives but come with potential complications and risks. Our researchers want to understand what Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and bypass are really doing to the blood and body to increase patient’s chance of survival.

How much muscle is lost in ECMO treatment?

While ECMO plays the role of the heart and lungs, rehabilitation is often more difficult after ECMO use. We need to find out exactly how much of the breathing muscles are lost during ECMO so we can better rehabilitate these patients.

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Optimising medication dosage for bypass patients

Improving patient care by assessing the effects of Cardiopulmonary bypass on the body's ability to process medications.

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Does electrical stimulation of muscles protect the feet during ECMO?

Studying the benefits of muscle stimulation therapies to patients receiving ECMO in an attempt to halt or minimise the development of ICU acquired weakness.

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Improving ECMO therapy with Nitric Oxide

ECMO is a life-saving treatment, but as with many new technologies comes with its complications. Research is being conducted on the benefits of nitric oxide in reducing these complications and saving lives.

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