New Investigators

Young researchers with heart

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From keeping patients alive while they wait for transplant to making more heart available to those in need, these young researchers are starting their careers with big ambitions to - save lives worldwide.

A revolutionary balloon to assist the heart during failure

Alice Boone

Developing a low cost circulatory support for patients with heart failure. Giving people the time they need to reach specialised treatment.

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How does the heart use ‘fuel’? – Improving outcomes for transplant

Matthew Wells

Can we stop damage to the heart by understanding how the heart uses fuel after death?

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Making more hearts available for transplant

Louise See Hoe

Louise See Hoe is investigating the changes that occur in the heart after death, to see if we can improve the quality and number of hearts available for transplant.

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Using the patient’s own tissue to integrate heart pumps into the body

Taryn Smith

Technology is constantly being improved on and Ventricular Assist Devices are no different. The ICETLAB are working to reduce complications associated with VADs to give patients an even better chance of survival and quality of life.

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