Groundbreaking technology for bionic hearts

$44 funds an hour of research. We apply 100% of your donation to this work. Every hour matters!

The ICETLAB are improving cardiovascular assist devices with the latest in biomedical engineering. By integrating this into clinical practice their discoveries are truly saving lives.

Improving Ventricular Assist Devices

Technology is constantly being improved on and Ventricular Assist Devices are no different. The ICETLAB are working to reduce complications associated with VADs to give patients an even better chance of survival and quality of life.

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OpenHeart Project

Three quarters of world deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases occur in low and middle income countries. We’re sharing knowledge and technology advances from our labs to create cost effective, mass producible ventricular assist devices to save lives worldwide.

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Allowing heart devices to respond to the body

Young researcher Andrew is using fibre optic technology to create a sensor to allow artificial heart devices to automatically respond to the needs of the body.

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A device to service both sides of the heart

The ICETLAB is working to fully develop a biventricular device; a singular device that can service both the left and right side of the heart when it fails.

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Understanding right ventricle complications

Understanding why right ventricle complications occur during left ventricle pump implantation - how can the heart and pump work together, and save lives.

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