Improving in-hospital experience


Optimum care for the most ill

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The ICU cares for the most critically ill patients, patients who often cannot communicate how they are feeling. Our teams are finding other ways patients and their bodies communicate with us to ensure they receive the best treatment possible.

How a piece of plastic has improved ICU care

The revolutionary use of speaking valves in tracheotomised patients in the ICU. Changing patient care at TPCH and globally.

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Have speaking valves reduced over-medicating in ICU?

Toni is analysing whether the introduction of speaking valves to tracheotomised patients also reduces the number of medications required in ICU.

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Measuring ICU delirium through a mobile app

While they're the most at risk, it can be extremely difficult to identify if an ICU patient is suffering from delirium. A new mobile app is being developed to help identify those at risk.

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