New Investigators

Breathing new life into research

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Lung disease can affect anyone at any age. Our New Investigators want to improve early detection and treatment for everyone – including the most vulnerable members of our community.

A breath of fresh air for sick kids

Michelle Davison

Dr Michelle Davison will be investigating the HFNC to better understand the impact and benefits it can have on infants suffering from severe bronchiolitis.

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Identifying sleep apnoea in mental health patients

James Anderson

Are our most vulnerable members of society going undiagnosed? Dr Anderson wants to know if we help those who may not be able to help themselves.

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Helping Indigenous Australians breathe easier

Tamara Blake

Creating an accurate reference range for diagnosing respiratory illnesses in Indigenous Australians

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Identifying the culprit in COPD lung flare-ups

Hannah O'Farrell

Patients with COPD struggle every breath they take. So what happens when they get an infection?

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