OpenHeart Project

$44 funds an hour of research. We apply 100% of your donation to this work. Every hour matters!

Three quarters of world deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases occur in low and middle income countries. We’re sharing knowledge and technology advances from our labs to create cost effective, mass producible ventricular assist devices to save lives worldwide.

World first 'Open Source' heart device

Our team are aiming to create the world's first 'open source' heart device - collaborating internationally to create an affordable option for non-developed countries.

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Breaking cost barriers - Developing a motor for the OpenHeart

Martin Mapley

Martin wants to develop a mass producible and cost effective motor to make mechanical heart assist devices more accessible to people worldwide.

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From fuel pumps to heart pumps

Clayton Semenzin

Motor racing gets hearts pumping for drivers and fans alike, now it’s helping save lives in some of the world’s poorest nations.

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