Helping survivors return to normal life

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As a leading cause of disability, if you’re lucky enough to survive, stroke can have a serious ongoing impact. Our researchers hope to advance treatment and care for stroke survivors and help families get back to daily life.

How can we help stroke survivors return to their normal lives?

Our team are looking at what obstacles stroke survivors face that cause them to be unable to return to their normal life - so we can develop practice ways to help.

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An app to screen for speech disorders after stroke

Early screening for cognitive and communication impairments is recommended by the Australian Stroke Foundation. However there are no current tools to test for changes seen in RH stroke Cognitive-communication disorder.

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Screening stroke patients for falls: can we do better?

Taking a closer look at current tests used for screening the possibility of falls and identifying new parameters to better asses those at risk - helping to prevent falls in future.

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Assessing the transition to home after mild stroke

Tenelle Hodson

Gaining a better understanding of patient experiences in their transition back home after mild stroke will lead to better care in future.

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