Helping patients and their new lungs live in harmony

$44 funds an hour of research. We apply 100% of your donation to this work. Every hour matters!

Our researchers want to increase quantity and quality of lungs available for transplant and help patients and their new lungs live in harmony because, for many patients, ‘new’ lungs are the only option.

Increasing life expectancy post-transplant

50% of lung transplant patients will face organ rejection within five years. Our researchers want to know why rejection happens and how we can stop it and help patients live a longer life.

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Keeping lungs alive outside the body

This world-first project is looking to improve the time teams have to transplant lungs, by using a special 'rig' to recondition them.

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Improving the quality of lungs for transplant

Each year the list of patients in desperate need of a lung transplant far exceeds the quantity of lungs that are viable (usable) for transplant.

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